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creating good blogposts

13 – Why You Need a Blog, and How to Create Blogposts

Welcome back to the Tradie Success podcast. Today I’m going to address a question I get asked all the time: why do I need a blog on my trade business website?

Listen in as I reveal the top three reasons every trade business should have a blog, and give you helpful, detailed information on what . . .

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12 – Run Your Business From Your Pocket

On this episode of Tradie Success, we’re joined by Clinton Cowin from TradiePad. He’s going to talk us through how to systemise your trade business using technology to save you and your team time. Clinton is not only an IT whizz, but also a tradie, so he knows exactly what trade businesses need.

Stay tuned . . .

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11 – Sustainable Profit Strategy

Welcome back to Tradie Success. Today we are discussing business strategy with Greg Aleckson, an experienced and talented business coach. He’s going to give us an informative overview of what it means to create and implement a sustainable and profitable business strategy.

From managing finance to focusing on your core business, Greg’s advice is relevant . . .

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managing technology

10 – Tips for Managing Technology

In this episode of Tradie Success we’re joined by Tom Freer, computer expert and director of IT company, Wyntec. Tom is going to help us tackle technology use in trade businesses, from choosing the right devices, to implementing a technology strategy that no only helps grow your business, but protects your business from security . . .

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Construction Law

9 – Construction Law: Legal Tips for Tradies

In this episode of Tradie Success, we are joined by Fionna Aitchison Reid, Principal Solicitor/Director of Aitchison Reid, Building and Construction Lawyers. We’re going to nut out the importance of your trade business’s legal contract.

Fionna will discuss why tradies need a lawyer, how tradies can avoid disputes, and why having and understanding your contract . . .

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