11 – Sustainable Profit Strategy



Greg Aleckson

Welcome back to Tradie Success. Today we are discussing business strategy with Greg Aleckson, an experienced and talented business coach. He’s going to give us an informative overview of what it means to create and implement a sustainable and profitable business strategy.

From managing finance to focusing on your core business, Greg’s advice is relevant to almost any small business owner. So have a listen, and get in contact if you’d like any help.

0:30 Introduction to Greg Aleckson
2:44 Should tradies build a business they can sell in the future?
3:34 Working yourself out of your job
4:22 What is business strategy?
6:07 Focusing on why you started the business in the first place
7:30 The 'feast and famine' business pattern
8:28 Business strategy must be implemented
9:55 Key mistakes business owners make when managing money
10:16 Trying to do it all yourself
12:43 Fobbing off work to others and trusting they will do a good job
14:46 How to get away from this problem
15:38 What are the key financial numbers all business owners should know?
16:25 What is cash flow?
19:15 Example of results that Greg can achieve when working with small businesses
25:25 Trade business owners tend to lack confidence when it comes to the value of their services
28:08 What it means to be in ‘the age of the customer’
30:02 How to get in touch with Greg
30:45 One piece of advice for any trade business owner
35:35 Why it’s important not to offer more and more services
37:22 Five key messages from Greg
40:30 Quote of the week

To sum up – when it comes to money, business management, and even specialised services, don’t try and do it all yourself. Focus on what you’re good at – your core business – and leave the rest to trusted professionals. After all, specialists get paid much more than generalists!


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Interested in creating a strategy for your business? Learn more about Greg and he does on his website www.GregAleckson.com.au, or connect with him via email at greg@gregaleckson.com.au.

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