25 – The Power of Storytelling

Power of Storytelling Anthony Perl

Never underestimate the value of storytelling. The act of swapping stories and experiences with those around us, is universal. It’s not only done for the sake of entertainment, but also for education, making personal values known and sharing expertise.

Now, you might be wondering …

“What does storytelling have to do with running a business?”

For starters, many businesses — especially trades — build their client base from referrals and word of mouth. Your clients swap stories with one another and they talk about the experience they had with your business to their friends, families, and even their next-door neighbours! However, that’s just one example about the power of storytelling and how it can better your business.

In this podcast episode, we hear from Anthony Perl, who is the host of Better Biz and the Director of communications agency CommTogether. Listen to our chat, as Anthony discusses the value of storytelling, how it can help your business, and ways in which you can incorporate it into your website and marketing campaigns; to help build rapport and trust with prospects and customers.

What we covered in our chat

  • How do you get businesses to tell their stories about their business and really attract attention from their ideal customers, when most people hate being in videos?
  • What kind of stories should you tell?
  • Big entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson use storytelling a lot. What can small businesses learn from the likes of him and other great business leaders?
  • How do you tell stories that attract people?
  • What’s the best way to tell, record and promote all the stories you have?

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To find out more and take full advantage of this awesome offer — simply get in contact with Anthony through any of the links below and mention the Tradie Success Podcast special offer.


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