22 – How to Win Tenders

how to win tenders

I recently sat down with Jason Cooney from The Tender Team, a tender and bid writing extraordinaire. He and his team have a huge 85% win rate when helping their clients bid for council contracts in their local area. With numbers like that, it’s clear that Jason knows his stuff.

I was lucky enough to pick his brains and draw out as much practical, actionable advice for Tradie Success listeners as possible. Jason didn’t disappoint – he happily shared his insider tips, including:

  • The best places to look for tender opportunities
  • How to decide which tenders are worth your while
  • What to include in your tender
  • How to make your tender stand out from the competition
  • And much, much more

Listen now and set yourself up for tender success.

Get your exclusive gifts here

Jason is also offering Tradie Success listeners two exclusive free gifts.

  • The first is his must-have Bid-No Bid Guide that you can use when considering bidding for a tender. It asks you a few questions that’ll help you decide whether a tender is suitable for you, or not.

Download the Tender Team's Tradies
"Bid No Bid Checklist"

  • The second is massive. If you’re working on a tender and you want Jason’s expert advice, simply shoot him an email or give him a buzz on his mobile and leave a message. Full contact details are on his website - thetenderteam.com.au
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