28 – How to Substantially Grow Revenue and Profit

Substantially Grow Revenue and Profit

Today’s guest, Kevin Hargraves, has been a successful business owner for 40+ years.  He has bought many struggling businesses, with the objective of turning them round.  In each case he transformed the operations, marketing and sales, and grew them quickly and sold them on, each one making a nice healthy profit.

He learnt how to do this a long time ago from a gentleman called Michael Gerber (Author of The EMyth).

These days he enjoys helping others. He is now a Business Growth Expert at Best Business Coach, and loves helping other serious business owners to grow their companies exponentially.

He runs a very affordable group coaching service where business owners meet with him every week to work through his 12 strategies to improve revenue and profits.

They help each other with ideas, encourage each other, and share their achievements.

In this chat, Kevin outlines 3 of the 12 strategies, along with several really interesting stories about three trade businesses he has coached. They have each gone from a state of despair to achieving substantial growth in revenue and profits, and are dominating their local markets.

  • Listen to how a plumbing business overcame their fear and substantially increased revenue and profits, without losing any customers
  • Find out how Kevin helped an engine reconditioning business to turn an annual loss into a healthy annual profit
  • Discover the powerful strategy a Gold Coast skip bin business implemented to increase revenue by 400%

He also has a really generous free tool where you put in your own numbers, and it shows you how to a few different things you can do to seriously increase your income and profits.


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