Substantially Grow Revenue and Profit

28 – How to Substantially Grow Revenue and Profit

Join Kevin Hargraves, a veteran business owner with 40+ years of success, as he shares transformative strategies for growing revenue and profits. From revitalising trade businesses to coaching on powerful growth tactics, Kevin’s insights are invaluable for any business owner.

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digital marketing ecosystem

27 – Exploring the Digital Marketing Ecosystem

In this episode we chat about what a digital marketing eco system is, why every business owner needs one, and what the key components are that you need to have so you can really skyrocket your business growth.

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How to Win Awards and Influence Judges

26 – How to Win Awards and Influence Judges

Picture this: You’re standing in a room filled with your industry peers, holding a shiny trophy. The crowd erupts in applause, and you have a huge grin from ear to ear.

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Power of Storytelling Anthony Perl

25 – The Power of Storytelling

Never underestimate the value of storytelling. The act of swapping stories and experiences with those around us, is universal. It’s not only done for the sake of entertainment, but also for education, making personal values known and sharing expertise.

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24 – How to Improve Quoting and Win More Work

Whether you’ve just started out in your new trade business, or you’ve been at it for awhile and you’re on a mission to grow, take a moment to listen to these great tips on pricing, quoting and selling . . .

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