12 – Run Your Business From Your Pocket


Clinton Cowin

Clinton Cowin CEO, TradiePad

On this episode of Tradie Success, we’re joined by Clinton Cowin from TradiePad. He’s going to talk us through how to systemise your trade business using technology to save you and your team time. Clinton is not only an IT whizz, but also a tradie, so he knows exactly what trade businesses need.

Stay tuned until the end, because Clinton has a money-saving Special Offer for all Tradie Success listeners.

0:47 What happens when you get so busy everything turns to chaos?
1:18 Introduction to Clinton
2:07 Beginning of interview with Clinton Cowin
3:40 Most common issues tradies face when systemising their business
4:36 Understanding what a system does and how it works
5:30 How can you make an educated decision on what programs invest time into
6:44 The benefits of systemising - how one tradie took a month-long holiday to Europe while managing his business back home
7:53 What should software for job and project management do?
12:48 How Clinton tests products on the market
13:25 How TradiePad determines which software is suitable for each client
14:46 What criteria does Clinton use to judge software?
17:20 How TradiePad is able to keep up with new software
19:30 The process of working with TradiePad
21:41 Provides service all over Australia
22:00 What kind and size of trade business does TradiePad service?
24:15 Single entry of information
24:58 Traditional software
25:33 Operational software
27:24 What is a business operating platform?
28:30 Having a professional email address
30:39 What about Office 365?
31:42 Breaking your system down into components
32:13 Does TradiePad provide support to their clients?
35:25 The customer experience
37:20 Technology and professionalism
39:11 How to find out more about TradiePad
40:34 TradiePad Special Offer
41:31 Key learnings
43:45 Today’s quote
44:20 Want more marketing help?
44:40 Want to learn marketing yourself?

To sum up – there’s no need to be scribbling on paper anymore. Systemising your business with the latest job management software will save time and avoid confusion. Plus, efficient systems can enhance the customer experience, and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

The quote of the day sums this up neatly:


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