10 – Tips for Managing Technology

managing technology

Tom Freer

Our guest, Tom Freer,
Director of Wyntec

In this episode of Tradie Success we’re joined by Tom Freer, computer expert and director of IT company, Wyntec. Tom is going to help us tackle technology use in trade businesses, from choosing the right devices, to implementing a technology strategy that no only helps grow your business, but protects your business from security threats.

I know technology can be challenging, but Tom’s advice could save you lots of time, money, and frustration. So have a listen.

0:27 Introducing Tom Freer
1:45 Regardless of business size, computer challenges are similar
2:02 3 common problems with technology in business
3:58 Common mistakes people make with technology in businesses
5:07 Why you need a technology strategy in place that is in line with your business
6:11 What kind of equipment will businesses need to manage jobs out on the field?
7:20 Why tradies need to utilise cloud technology
8:40 What kinds of technology do tradies need out on the field and in the office?
9:20 What kind of software can tradies use to assist with invoicing?
10:30 Apps that can take payments
11:50 On the job tracking – calendars and scheduling
12:53 About Office 365
14:30 Main benefit of Office 365
14:55 Using instant messaging to speed up communication
15:55 How important is security when it comes to technology?
18:13 Protecting yourself from viruses
19:11 Is security expensive?
20:35 How can businesses protect their own websites?
21:53 What are ‘phishing attacks’?
23:22 Updating software
25:55 What about internal security?
28:10 How you can get Tom’s help
29:02 One final tip – ask for help
29:36 3 key learnings

To sum up – use technology to save time and streamline your business. And, if you encounter a problem, ask for help. Just because you drive your car, doesn’t mean you should also know how to give it a full service. Same with computers.


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We’ve listed here details of Tom’s company Wyntec if you have more than 20 users and you want stress free IT. We’ve also listed a couple of other companies that we are aware of that provide this type of support for businesses with less than 20 users.

Computercures.com.au (Melbourne only)

And for help with securing your website – contact us at commonsensemarketing.com.au

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