7 – 30 Criteria For a Great Website

30 criteria

In this episode of Tradie Success, we’re going to look at something I am really passionate about – great websites. I’ve just launched a new ebook called 30 Criteria for a Great Website, and I’d like to share 10 of these criteria with you today.

We’re going to look at how you can improve your website’s functionality, design and content to generate leads and sales.

0:36 Why you need to consider creating a new website, or updating your current website
1:10 Creating a website that generates leads and sales
1:40 Keeping visitors engaged – why is this crucial?
2:26 Website content
2:59 How your website should function
3:10 Thinking about navigation from the user’s perspective
4:22 Responsive design – what it is and why you need it
6:13 What happens if your site isn’t responsive
6:55 The importance of the click to call facility
7:40 Back up and security. What precautions we take to protect clients from hacking
8:35 The importance of updating your WordPress plugins
9:05 Why you shouldn’t have your email address anywhere on your site
10:17 Website design – everysite should be designed for conversion
12:09 Why you need to capture visitor details for ongoing marketing
13:50 How you can capture visitor information
15:20 Typography for readability
18:06 The most important part of your website – content
19:10 Using benefit laden copy
20:18 Make your content interesting
20:50 Infographics – what are they are how can you use them?
22:46 Why you need a blog
26:35 The importance of testimonials
27:21 Promoting your website
28:45 Regularly measure and review the performance of your site
31:00 Find out what the other 20 criteria for a great website are


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Find out about the other 20 criteria for a great website and use the checklist in the back to see how your site measures up.

Download the entire book from the Resources link below – tradie success podcast listeners can get it for half price.

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30 Criteria for Great Web Design
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