4 – Learn from your competitors

competitive research

In this Tradie Success podcast, you will discover how to identify your competitors and undertake competitive research so you can differentiate your business and identify new opportunities.

We will examine how to analyse their strengths and weaknesses in order to discover gaps in the marketplace and new opportunities for your business. Finally, we will discuss a few effective strategies you can use when responding to threats.

0:55 Why you need to put yourself in the mindset of your customers.
1:33 Creating an impression that will encourage customers to choose you over a competitor.
2:13 The importance of taking a step back and researching your competitors.
2:48 Identifying competitors online.
5:50 Identifying competitors offline.
6:06 Analysing competitors using a SWOT analysis.
7:10 How to get your free SWOT analysis template.
7:25 Find out what strength and weaknesses are with clear, applicable examples.
8:52 Discovering opportunities and gaps in the market place.
9:25 How to turn a competitors weakness into your opportunity.
12:24 How to identify threats to your business
13:00 Strategies you can use when responding to threats.
15:22 How to deal with external threats.
17:05 Summary: identify your competitors to determine gaps in the marketplace and opportunities to grow your business. These insights can show you where to direct your marketing.

Photo credit: Normand Desjardins


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 Download your free SWOT Analysis


In Module 1 of our online marketing training program Tradie Marketing Secrets we delve into competitor research in more detail and provide links to some cool online software you can use to find out lots more about your competitors' online activities.

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