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Hi, I’m Annette Welsford, champion of hard working honest tradies.

Today in the Tradie Success Podcast we are going to look at the positive and negative implications of your digital footprint. Your digital footprint refers to mentions of your business name online.

Find out how to use your digital footprint to effectively market your business, and why this is so important.

0.07 What is a digital footprint?
0.25 Your digital footprint is important because most people will check online before deciding to pay money for your service.
0.59 You can only control what you say about yourself. You can’t control what others say about you.
1:15 Negative implications of your digital footprint.We don’t know everything published about us online. Find out how to find yourself online.
2:28 Bad reviews of your business are hard to remove. Find out how to deal with negative reviews.
4:09 How to keep up to date with information about your business online using Google Alerts.
5:27 Good implications of your business’s digital footprint.
5:42 Interesting statistics about Australian internet habits.
8:18 Places online you need to be. 1. Google My Business: how to set up your Google My Business, a few inside tips on how to use Google My Business.
10:04 2. Google Plus.
10:20 3.Linkedin: the business-to-business version of Facebook.
12:00 4. True local: a great directory for tradies.
12:18 5. WOMO: Word of Mouth Online.
12:33 6. Facebook: Business page, not a personal page.
13:01 7. Twitter: keep in mind that you need to be where your customers hang out whether or not you hang out there.
13:34 8.Pinterest: great for visually appealing services.
14:24 9. A website: discover what makes a good website
15:35 Summary of key points.
16:23 How we can help.


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