20 – Successful Tradie Interview – Kendrick Myers

successful tradie

What does being a successful tradie mean to you? Maybe earning a reliable cash flow. Maybe working alongside a tight-knit team you can rely on. Or maybe, success means spending less time on the tools and more with friends and family.

Well, I recently had the pleasure of chatting with one such successful tradie – Colorbond Kenny. No, that isn’t his real name. It’s Kendrick Myers, and he’s the owner of Brisbane’s first premium Colorbond roofing and cladding company, My Cladders.

Over the last few years, Kendrick has made a name for himself as one of the most knowledgeable Colorbond cladding experts in the country. He’s secured a fabulous team of 13 employees, has regular work rolling in, and is just about ready to take the next step in his career.

So, how did Kendrick do it? What were his greatest challenges? And what advice has he got for tradies like you?

In this episode of Tradie Success, I’ll pick Kendrick’s brain and find out:

  • Why he is four times better off having a team of employees instead of using contractors, and how he secures the right employees for his team
  • How he keeps his employees engaged and motivated
  • How he separates his emotions from his business
  • How he successfully markets his business and manages cash flow
  • How he makes time for his wife and kids while growing a successful business

Kendrick reminds us that building a business and finding your version of success isn’t a straightforward process – it’s a roller-coaster ride that takes time and dedication. Are you up for the challenge?


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