21 – Profit First for Tradies – Interview with Author Katie Marshall

Profit First for Tradies

On the surface, everything looks great. Your team is happy. Your customers are happy. You’re happy. But underneath, you are struggling to pay wages and bills on time – let alone take your own wages and make a profit.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. So many trade businesses – so many businesses in general – operate payday to payday. It’s something that can cause serious financial stress and impact all areas of your life.

I recently sat down with Katie Marshall, bookkeeper extraordinaire, financial coach, and new author. Katie recently published a book called Profit First for Tradies. It fast became a best-seller, with tradies across Australia reaching out to Katie and sharing their stories about their woes and how the book has helped them turn things around.

During our chat, we discussed the following:

  • How the book was developed and why Katie loves working with tradies
  • What the “profit first” method is, and how it provides a framework for financial success
  • How you can come face-to-face with what’s really going on in your business
  • How making small changes can transform the financial health of your business

So, have a listen. And be sure to check out Katie’s book, Profit First for Tradies.


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