18 – How to be a Cash Rich Business

cash rich business

Let’s talk money management. It’s essential to running your business and staying afloat.

An alarming 90% of small businesses that go broke, go broke because of cashflow according to Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Kate Carnell.

We need a steady flow of cash to pay for contractors, wages, materials and expenses, not to mention providing our family with the basic necessities. And of course if we manage our money well we want some leftover to have fun, to put towards our future, to take holidays, and to spoil our kids.

In today’s podcast, I chat with Ben Walker from InspireCA. He’s an accomplished, award-winning accountant who gets fired up and very helpful when it comes to cashflow and money management.

Now before you roll your eyes and close this page down in fear of absolute boredom, know that Ben is no ordinary accountant. He is what you call a disrupter – an accountant who has challenged the traditional model of accounting and turned it upside down. Ben is an anomaly.  An accountant with personality, a people person and one who focuses on the future, not just on the past.

Yes, the team at InspireCA do provide the standard BAS, tax return and compliance services. But, their main goal and philosophy is to help small business owners create the right kind of business environment – one that allows them to always put family first.

And he has over 460 strategies to make this happen.

Tune in now to hear a few of Ben’s favourites. He shares his knowledge on what you need to do to become cash rich, to even out your income, and to save large sums of money without doing anything you shouldn’t.

He provides three really useful tips that you can implement in your business straight away.  These are things I’ve done in my business and believe me - they work.

At the end Ben gives several generous offers to help our listeners take control of the cashflow.

Quote of the Day

Here’s a hard-hitting quote to finish on – one that I think we should all keep in mind when working on our cashflow management.


“Money has no value. The value comes from the dreams money helps achieve.” – Robert Kiyosaki Click To Tweet

Don’t let your bank balance run your business and emotions. Click To Tweet

Money saving tip: put away 10% of everything you earn. Click To Tweet

What you do with your money can determine the overall success of your business. Click To Tweet


Want to learn more about becoming a cash rich business? Click on these resources kindly provided  by Ben and the team at InspireCA.

  1. Attend a Cash Rich Business Workshop – use the code TRADIESUCCESS to get 50% discount.
  2. Download a free copy of the Cashed Up Strategy Map
  3. Ask the team at InspireCA any question you want – Book a Free Test Drive

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