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In today’s Tradie Success podcast, we will be looking at company branding. We will discuss the foundations of your brand, including your niche, values and ideal customer. Once you’ve clarified your brand, find out how you to use it effectively to market and grow your business.

0:53 Recap of the 5 key things you need to define your business, as discussed last episode.
3:38 Let’s look at your brand. What are people’s first impressions of your company?
4:30 Step 1 of defining your brand: clarifying what your company is all about.
7:20 Step 2: what do you want to be known for?
8:07 Step 3: what are your company’s core values?
9:23 Step 4: who is your ideal customer?
11.33 What is the tone of voice of company? What colour accurately represents your company?
13.34 Is your branding congruent? Does your company’s branding reflect your services?
14:48 Find out how to stand back and look at your company’s branding from the customers perspective.
15:32 Find out why consistency is key.
19:38 Now that you have a clear idea of your business’s brand, here are the next steps. Step 1: Ensure you have a professional logo that reflects your brand.
20:30 Step 2: Develop a meaningful and concise tag line.
22:50 Step 3: Be true to your brand and deliver on your brand promise.
24:12 Key take aways from today’s episode.

Well that’s it folks for this episode.  Maybe you can take a fresh look at your branding and see if it’s delivering the right message about you?  You’ll soon see that it’s not if people get the wrong impression about your business.


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