13 – Why You Need a Blog, and How to Create Blogposts


Welcome back to the Tradie Success podcast. Today I’m going to address a question I get asked all the time: why do I need a blog on my trade business website?

Listen in as I reveal the top three reasons every trade business should have a blog, and give you helpful, detailed information on what […]

8 – The Impression You Make


In this episode of Tradie Success, we’re going to talk about your brand. By that, we don’t just mean your logo or the colours you use. It’s your values, your beliefs, and your first impression.

First impressions count. They tell customers whether or not they can trust you, and a daggy T-Shirt and ripped jeans […]

7 – 30 Criteria For a Great Website


In this episode of Tradie Success, we’re going to look at something I am really passionate about – great websites. I’ve just launched a new ebook called 30 Criteria for a Great Website, and I’d like to share 10 of these criteria with you today.

We’re going to look at how you can improve your […]

3 – How to manage your digital footprint


Hi, I’m Annette Welsford, champion of hard working honest tradies.

Today in the Tradie Success Podcast we are going to look at the positive and negative implications of your digital footprint. Your digital footprint refers to mentions of your business name online.

Find out how to use your digital footprint to effectively market your business, and […]