About Annette

Hi there. My purpose in life is to help trade business owners to grow a successful business. The purpose of this podcast is to share interviews with business experts that we believe do know what they're talking about, to help our listeners grow their business and achieve more than they ever thought possible. So who am I to want to give help to trade business owners about business? Good question! I’m married to a tradie, addicted to marketing and fascinated by what makes a successful business, well successful. Marketing is certainly on top of the list, but there are other areas of the business to get right - which is why this Tradie Success episodes delve into all areas of running and growing a trade business. In terms of my experience - I have marketing quals, 30+ years marketing experience, and have helped hundreds of small businesses (a lot of them tradies) achieve better results through their marketing.

9 – Construction Law: Legal Tips for Tradies


In this episode of Tradie Success, we are joined by Fionna Aitchison Reid, Principal Solicitor/Director of Aitchison Reid, Building and Construction Lawyers. We’re going to nut out the importance of your trade business’s legal contract.

Fionna will discuss why tradies need a lawyer, how tradies can avoid disputes, and why having and understanding your contract […]

8 – The Impression You Make


In this episode of Tradie Success, we’re going to talk about your brand. By that, we don’t just mean your logo or the colours you use. It’s your values, your beliefs, and your first impression.

First impressions count. They tell customers whether or not they can trust you, and a daggy T-Shirt and ripped jeans […]

7 – 30 Criteria For a Great Website


In this episode of Tradie Success, we’re going to look at something I am really passionate about – great websites. I’ve just launched a new ebook called 30 Criteria for a Great Website, and I’d like to share 10 of these criteria with you today.

We’re going to look at how you can improve your […]

6 – How LinkedIn Can Help Grow Your Trade Business


In this Tradie Success podcast, we will discuss the world’s largest professional social networking website – LinkedIn.

There are so many ways you can use LinkedIn to grow your trade business, and in this podcast I’ll let you in on five ways to get started. From creating a personal profile, to participating in group discussions, […]

5 – 10 Great Tips for Tendering


Wish you could win more commercial work via construction tenders? In today’s Tradie Success podcast, we will be focusing on how you can get more business through tendering.

First, we have some feedback from a listener. Then, we will be joined by special guest Chris Dennis of Win-Win Tendering. She will be giving us expert […]